9 Signs You’re Ready to Leave the City

04/28/22  |  Deena Bouchier

If you’re longing to be anywhere but the confines of your tiny downtown apartment, it might be time to leave the city.

Did you move to the Big Apple bright-eyed and excited for life? You certainly wouldn’t be alone in that respect. According to the 2020 Census, nearly nine million people live in New York City. After a while, though, city life can start to take a toll. If the bright lights are no longer doling out the dopamine hit they used to, it might be time to leave New York City and start looking at Westchester county real estate.

Below are nine clues you’re ready to leave the city.

You want more bang for your buck

Home prices in New York City were up 13.1% in January 2022—and they don’t seem to be slowing. With the average rent for a two-bedroom apartment lingering around $5,748 per month, the cost of living in the suburbs probably looks pretty enticing. If you want to stretch your dollar a little further, you likely need to look outside of the city.

You pine for the outdoors

Do you find yourself longing for more green space? Are you frequently looking to escape the chaos of the city for any small piece of tranquility you can find? If so, you may be ready to trade in your city walks for strolls through Westchester’s greenery.

You dream of more space

If you find yourself planning all the projects you’ll do once you have a garage, you may be ready to move out of the city. Garages are easier to come by in Westchester than in New York City. Even if you have a parking space in the city, you likely don’t have space to store tools, children’s toys, or exercise equipment. Maybe you’d like a big backyard where your future dog can run, or you can find yourself browsing DIY projects that won’t work in your small apartment. If this sounds like you, it may be time to DIY your way out of the Big Apple.

You long to host out-of-town guests

New York City apartments, though unique, are not always the best places to host out-of-town guests. Do you wish you had the space to host visiting family members and friends? The luxury of an extra bedroom can be tough to find in New York City, especially for those with families and in-home offices.

Perhaps the pandemic forced you out of your high-rise office space and into your closet or spare bedroom. If so, now that your spare bedroom is littered with office supplies, extra monitors, and a work-ready space, it’s less ready to host weekend guests comfortably.

If you love to host and enjoy making friends and family feel at home, it can be frustrating when you don’t have the space to do so.

You escape the city often

Living in the city can be stifling at times. You are constantly surrounded by people, noises, sights, and smells—the good and the bad. If you find yourself constantly trying to escape the city—be it a girls’ weekend or a couple’s retreat in Westchester—it’s time to consider relocating to a calmer, quieter area long term.

Ask yourself a few questions on your next trip. Are you filled with dread the day before returning to the city? Are you always hoping to extend your trip? Do you start planning your next trip the moment the current one ends? If you’ve answered yes to these questions, it’s time for the suburbs.

The ’burbs are starting to look enticing

Do you browse the internet for homes for sale in Westchester? Maybe you even receive updates about Westchester real estate or other suburbs surrounding the city. If you’re constantly scrolling MLS listings for homes with more space and greenery, it may be time to do so more seriously. 

You’re going through the motions

Do you wake up and go through the motions of your morning routine, longing for the weekend? At first, the hustle-and-bustle of the city can feel like a new pair of shoes; but today, it might feel more like a drain. After a while, the city can start to feel like Groundhog Day—the same crowds over and over. If you’ve lost the pep in your step on your walk to work or your favorite restaurant, it might be time to step somewhere else. 

The commute is eating away your free time

You know the drill. Wake up, eat breakfast, get ready, commute, work, commute—rinse and repeat. If this daily grind leaves you without time to do what excites you, you may need to get out of the city.

If you can work remotely, take advantage of being location independent by working from a more comfortable place. If you cannot do your job remotely, you may want to start looking for work in a smaller town. This may come with a slightly lower salary than those in the city, but the lower cost of living could make it worthwhile.

You long for high-quality family life

Many people opt to leave the city when they start building a family. Having children in New York City can be challenging for several reasons, including small square footage, lack of outdoor play spaces, school districts, and even safety. If you plan to have a family and think that doing so in the city would be tough, look at the Westchester real estate market.

Life in New York City is like none other in the world. It’s simultaneously glamorous and gritty. However, rising prices, longer commutes, and a poor work-life balance may contribute to the city losing its shine.

If you are looking for a home outside the city, look no further than Westchester and all the beautiful towns. Deena Bouchier is a New York native with decades of experience in the Westchester real estate market. She has helped countless people escape the hustle and bustle for the tranquility of life beyond the concrete jungle.

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