Recreational, artsy and quiet, waterfront.

Welcome to Hastings-on-Hudson


A once-bustling mill town turned quiet haven with stunning views and excellent schools

Hastings-on-Hudson, incorporated in 1879, has a rich industrial heritage. The Westchester river town was once the site for stone quarrying, sugar refining, and cable and chemical manufacturing. Today, Hastings is a postcard-pretty village beloved by movie and television location scouts. The factories are long gone, but many of the workers’ historic homes have been impeccably maintained.

Hastings, named by a British settler after the cliff-top town in England, consists of three huge hills with winding residential roads lined with trees and a valley that holds the village’s apartments, quaint shops, and restaurants. Meander down the hills and toward the waterfront for views of the majestic New Jersey Palisades across the Hudson River.



What To Expect

Picturesque parks and streets—and regular film crews. Because the downtown stretch is compact, clean, and free of chain stores, and most of the residential areas are brimming with towering trees and colorful dwellings, Hastings has a timeless “Small Town USA” vibe beloved by directors. Even the restaurants—from the old-school diner to the sleek wine bar—have made cameos in TV shows and movies.



The Lifestyle

Eco-conscious and communal. The locals frown on plastic bags and styrofoam (both are banned), but they love a good excuse to gather—whether it’s the impeccably curated year-round farmers’ market, the “Friday Night Live” street festivals or the annual village-wide tag sale.



Unexpected Appeal

Tucked-away trails and secret staircases. The 2-square-mile village is walkable, but a network of wooded shortcuts makes scaling the steep hills to the train or your neighbor’s backyard barbecue much easier.



The Market

A mix of apartments with river views, historic homes, and modern masterpieces. No cookie-cutter neighborhoods here! Victorians, Tudors, capes, colonials, ranches, and contemporary styles are shuffled together on most streets.



You'll Fall In Love With

The quirky, independent spirit. Hastings is the most bohemian of the river towns with its welcoming yard signs, almost weekly peaceful protests, and annual Festivus celebration. The village even uses non-lethal methods to control the local deer population.
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